Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Top Sewalong

This is a first for me.. I have seen and voted on tops in Made by Rae's Spring Top Sewalong, but I am a little timid when it comes to competitions. When I read Rae's announcement, about this year's STS being more of a true 'sewalong', having no judges and no winners, I immediately committed to join in!
I'd already sewn the two tops in that pervious post.. and according to the rules I can enter them too.. but this one. This is the one!
I NEEDED to make this one!

It started with a sketch..
I chose my Option 2.
Got down to business.
And the next day I had a top!

and I LOVE it!!!!!

The Pattern: Why... it's my STAPLE DRESS PATTERN!!! What?! Yeah. It really is.
(Are you tired of it yet?)
This one is cut exactly the same just shortened to a tunic/long t-shirt length. The original pattern is roomy enough and has a wide (almost boat neck) neck opening that I was able to add the pintucks straight down the front without adding any width to the pattern piece. I then added a small box pleat to the back neckline, to balance the difference. I drafted the collar from another free pattern I had on hand, greatly lengthened it and completely altered the shape of the points.

The Fabric: Solid Designer Voile from Freespirit.. not certain of the color. I purchased it last year and it's been sitting in my stash for sometime now. Don't even remember why I bought it. I know I must've had a plan to buy as much as I did... but I can't imagine a better use than this!

I'm literally so in love with it. I NEED to make another. VERY SOON! not only that, but I promised some of you that I'd offer this variation as a free tutorial...
That was before thinking about the fact that I took zero photos of the collar attachment process.... guess I'll just have to make another! ;)

Now, I'm debating whether I'll try the next one in a print or go with another solid... The voile is the perfect weight. I can leave it long to wear out and belted or tuck it in. It's so thin it doesn't result in any unattractive bunching under my goofy new high rise jeans!

Once again, the photos here are by Suzanne Gipson. She is such an amazing photographer and friend. Just makes a girl feel good! You know what I mean?


Are you sewing a Spring Top? YOU SHOULD!!!!

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she said:

stufenzumgericht said...
The Stapel Dress fits very well to this beautiful fabric line! By the way, I'm sewing the dress at the moment and have to say, that it's pure fun! Martina
April 11, 2013 at 10:24 AM

Thank you Martina!! and thank you all for you comments and for hoping along with the COLLAGE party! Remeber to keep following the other crafter's. They are sharing incredible projects and giving away more layer cakes!


Caroline @ Sew Caroline said...

ummmm SO STINKING CUTE! You make that drop hem look amazing. I had some issues actually hemming mine. Any tips? Looks so good on you! :) I can't wait to make many more staple dresses w/ all different kinds of adjustments- ha ha! way to go girl!

stufenzumgericht said...

Wow, can't believe it and it feels so good! Thank you so much, April, you make my day :-)))

April Rhodes said...

Caroline @ Sew Caroline -

Thank you Caroline!!!

When I sew my drop hem I use a very narrow/rolled hem method.. I first iron it up 5/8", unfold and turn the raw edge into the creased line, refold and press again. Then I edge-stitch the top edge of the hem while looking at the wrong side of the garment so that I can keep a close eye on the fold and make certain I don't slip of the edge.

When you iron the edge up you may find you have to ease in some of the excess.. just do this as best you can and remember that if there are a few small folds inside the garment, no one will know but you ;)

Does that help?

Thanks again and I'm sooo happy you like the Staple!!

stufenzumgericht - YAY!!! :D

stufenzumgericht said...

Me again ;-)
Dear April,
I've just posted about The Staple Dress on my blog. I love this pattern and the possibilities it offers. Your Spring Top looks stunning!!!
Have a nice day, Martina

Valeria said...

This is cool!