Sunday, January 9, 2011

Daddy Deer..

I started out with a simpler idea, just wanting a new wall hanging/window display for the shoppe but without a clear vision of what the end result would be, I just kept going.

I love the new line of Echino prints we just got in and the buck on the woodland print really inspired me.

I made a photo copy of him and enlarged it by about 160% then I placed my white linen over top of the copy and traced the buck onto it using a light grey crayon. After transferring the image I simply satin stitched over the entire image in a tealy/grey/blue pearl cotton. The embroidery took a few hours but was a relaxing, thoughtless, late night activity. Done while watching tv with the husband.
I played around with some ideas as to how I'd display the daddy deer. I consider featuring him in the center on a patchwork wall hanging but ultimately I liked the way he looked framed. I think it suits his strong stature. The rest of the piece came while just playing with fabric and materials. The leaves are fabric wonder undered to paper make them stiff and behind them I drew more leaves in crayon and painted the linen with green and yellow water colors. The sun is also fabric wonder undered right onto the linen. Finally the yellow pom poms were glued to the inside edge of the frame before I stretched the completed picture into place.

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