Sunday, November 18, 2012

time for teaching {and other news}

It's been a really long time since I taught a class at the shoppe... I'll be back at it this Tuesday. I'm teaching my beginners hand-sewing and several other classes in the coming months!
A new class on my roster is this last minute gifts class, we be making glasses cases, flower brooches, bookmarks and simple ornaments.

I'm pretty excited to be teaching again! ;)

Another thing I'm pretty excited about is the fact that I can finally post photos of the giant doll I crafted in collaboration with Suzy Ultman.
Meet Hunny,

This is a 5ft version of the Hunny doll Suzy designed for Land Of Nod. Suzy stitched her facial features and the rest of the construction was left to me.

Sewing a giant doll was definitely a first for me.  Because Hunnys neck was so thin I had to support it with a PVC pipe that goes half way through her head down to the base of her body and attaches to a upside down T shaped joint/connection and 2 other PVC pipes. I even walked her in to my little local hardware store on a with the 4' piece of PVC sticking out like some type of scarecrow/marionette... so they could cut it to just the right length. It was fun, time consuming and oh-so-silly. Camilla called her Funny ;)

and I did take a lot of funny photos.

I spent a lot of late night hours with Hunny... I'd work and sometimes worry.. send an email to Suzy.. she joked that I was her late night sewers so after finishing Hunny late one night last month I took a few photos of Hunny stitching. She sat at my machine the rest of the night that night.. I'm still not sure what she made but one things for certain she fancies her late night craft!

We took more silly pictures and said our goodbyes.

My girls wished we could keep her but Aelyn was pretty excited about the fact that I was making her for a special new toy store in New York City! 

Now after seeing the video she's saying we need to fly a plane then take a tax-ski and go see Hunny. I really wish we could...

The Land of Nod Toy Shop from The Land of Nod on Vimeo.

I wish you safe travels where ever you might go this Holiday season.
We'll be here at home and happy to be have almost all  of our family and friends living near!


Kristin said...

Oh my goodness I love Sue Altman products. I just saw her dolls at The Land of Nod and told my husband I want one for me since we don't have a girl. :) This big doll is awesome. What a great job you did, and what an awesome opportunity.

redcurls said...

Awesome job April! That huge doll is just amazing!

Petalbags said...

Well done Suzy and April!