Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Finishing things

^ Something I'm typically not good at.
But, somehow I've been on a roll.
Here are some recently finished things...

a tsuru "Staple" T

...I simply traced the top 28"(starting at the shoulder) of my Staple Dress pattern and stitched it together as I regularly would... with these exceptions: I only shirred 2 rows across the lower-back, from side seam to side seam and I added a shirt pocket! Easy! :) 

a stretchy striped "Staple" T

..this one was far less successful than the first.. The material I used was a very drapey knit with a lot of stretch. My pattern is already a roomy cut, but in this fabric, I am swimming. Also I didn't use the shirring at all, so there is nothing to bring it in. It was redeemed, however, when I put it under a more structured layer, like this ready made jacket. 
I'm not too disappointed because wearing these together was my intention all along.


another little drop hem piece

...this time it's a bottom. I hope to perfect a light-weight Staple T or a Wiksten tank to pair with it.

and finally... I FINALLY finished my scrappytripalong!

This one is for my little girl, it's been on her bed every night since my finishing it and even drug out into the living room for couch snuggles. It's my first, real, life size quilt. She loves it and so do I.

I have  a few more "finished things," I just can't share quite yet.. ;)
But I'll give you a hint. One will be part of this super awesome blog tour line up, featuring Carrie Bloomston's first fabric line, COLLAGE!
It's rad.
Check back here on my scheduled day, this Thursday, April 11th.. and follow along with the rest of the gang bellow..

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Cindy said...

LOVE your Staple Top. I just purchased your pattern, have it downloaded, and look forward to making one SOONER rather than later.

Unknown said...

I am in love with that skirt! I want one. And that top in Rashida's fabric is incredible. xoxo.

Unknown said...

...not too mention your scrappy quilt! awesome.