Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Girls

Camilla is one month old now. In fact, as I type it is nearing the exact hour of her birth, just 30 days ago.

Strong labor contractions started around 8PM, we got to the hospital at about 10 and out she came at 10:52! A completely natural labor and delivery. I was astonished. My husband and I were both astonished! My first labor lasted 34 hours, with 2 hours of pushing... after 20 something hours of not dilating I finally agreed to Pitocin.. so it really goes without saying that this second experience was quite different.

And so far many things have been different than I expected.

I had been worried about the effect the baby might have on Aelyn or how she might react but honestly it has gone pretty smoothly. Not necessarily EASY, just smooth... like she was made to fit into us.. into our family. Another piece to our puzzle.
No, Aelyn's not exactly in love with the new baby, more like excepting of her existence...
But I can see the potential of love :)
I worried about how she might react to having to share our attentions but now she has the attention of a third party. Plus when I point out to her "look your sister is watching you" or "she loves to watch you dance and spin," Aelyn gets the greatest smile. And the baby truly does stare at her sister already!

Aelyn really wants to make Camilla laugh. She tries and Camilla just stares blankley. I tell her baby's this small can't do much of anything, they can't even laugh yet but that she will someday. Later Aelyn will ask me "She'll grow?" and "She'll laugh?" as if just to make sure and I imagine that when the gigling starts her baby sister will be her favorite audience.

Here's some photo's I took of the dancing princess yesterday. She was showing off her first tattoo and her current favorite dress-up.

 She's a bit harder to take pictures of cause all she wants to do is twirl :)

Finally the inspiration/idea for the photos of Camilla was not completely original.. there are many who have done similar things but this woman does it THE BEST, so if you haven't seen her work you must check it out. I can't wait to see her book.

Happy Weekend,

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Cristin said...

April, THANK YOU for sharing this post! I had a similarly HARD and LONG (although natural) birth with Eli and I've been, erm, almost SCARED to give birth again! So its possible to have a quick and natural birth, good to know! Makes me want to have another, I think! Yay!
Cami is a doll, and I have seen those photos from that mom in Europe, her baby is amazing! how does she sleep on the floor like that? Love these photos of Cami, I was disappointed when I came into the shop this week and no baby :-( Maybe next time... haha Cheers!