Sunday, December 2, 2012

My wrappings.

Well it may seem a bit silly... I've been blogging about other bloggers projects over on the shoppe blog for the past week... but I really wanted to join in and post about some of the things I've been making from the book too!

Ruby Star Wrapping is such a liberating book. Holiday's can be stressful in our house, divided as we are in how we address them. I grew up celebrating all the widely observed ones, my husband none. Then on top of this division we have our dreaded.. oh so strained budget... (a common factor in many more houses than just ours). I feel forced to be extra creative in my gifting this year.

But this book, this beautiful book, makes it feel like a welcome challenge!
I adore the rustic vintage styling, the earthy modern appeal and the sheer resourcefulness, from cover to cover.

I almost always make the majority of my gifts. This year will be no exception. I do however {now ashamed to say} usually buy wrapping papers.. I am a saver of tissue and gift bags, but I will often purchase a few new rolls per year and sometimes a few new bags and tissue as well. Always attracted to the color and patten.
But I have so much color and pattern already.. just sitting in my sewing room!  After reading this book I can tell you - I am done.
My "new" wrappings will be coming out of my stash and my recycle bin from now on.
And they'll be even prettier for it!

Easy on the earth and the budget.. not to mention the much needed purging of some scrap stash... sheeeash! do I have scraps? eek. I save every bit of fabric bigger than 1" squared. I have over flowing baskets of fabric and boxes stuffed full of felt bits.

I love all the ideas Melody and Allison give for using the things we ALREADY have!

Here's what I've made from the books so far...

I focused on the boxes because I really love the look and feel of them.. plus we happened to have a lot of nearly empty ones in our pantry this week.  I made 2 of the Inside-Out boxes and one Plucky Pantry Box. I used ribbons, stickers, washi tape and fabric to finish them. They were so fun and easy.

Admission: I did indulge in a bit of new ribbon and washi tape but how could I resist? These first two packages are for my daughters.. and I'll be save both the box and ribbon to use again :)

This last box is from my favorite crackers and has some unique cut outs.

I've always found it especially fun to hint at what's inside by coordinating the wrapping of a gift with the present itself but when I found this cracker box in the lazy susan I was excited at the idea of actually showing a little peek of the present. I must be discreet incase someone reads this but it will hold a "sewn item" folded small enough so ____ can't tell what it is but just see a bit of the printed fabric ;)

Finally I wanted to make some garlands. These are in keeping with my current flying geese obsession and inspired by the Paper Punch Garland in the book [see above].

Quickly made with bits of scrap felt and a sewing machine. I cut several colors into small triangles and machine stitched them (feeding them under the pressure foot one after the other) as you would in chain piecing.

I call it a Happy Geese Garland...

One of my geese wasn't so happy... 

He didn't make it. 

If you decide to try some of these and this happens to you, simply snip this guy out of the line.

Line up the the 2 cut ends and re-chain together... backstitching when you start and stop.

I stitched mine in a random order so it didn't matter when I cut one out. You might consider that if you are thinking of chaining yours in a patterned order.

There's over two dozen more projects in this great book along with gorgeous photographs plus pleasing words and insights into giving with thoughtfulness, love and ingenuity! 

Take a look at the other posts so far and keep visiting the Sew To Speak blog through the rest of this week to view the other blogger's projects and leave a comment for the chance to win your own copy of the book and lots of other great goodies to help with your wrapping! 

Here's what's left on the wrap-along:

Monday Dec. 3rd - we'll post some of our projects on the Sew To Speak blog plus show you what's up fpr the second win!!

Tues. Dec. 4th - Rae of Made by Rae

Wed. Dec 5 - Ericka of Low Beam Studios 

Thurs. Dec. 6 - Emily of The Boy Trifecta

then finally, on Friday  Dec. 7 - another winner will be announced @12 EST!!

Happy Wrapping!
♥ April


Jenny said...

ive really enjoyed seeing you all wrap along! i have lots of thrifted treasures to wrap with

Unknown said...

Love all these beautiful boxes! Wrapping is my favorite

Gill said...

Great ideas! and I love your 'flying geese'
Thank you!

Kara {me and elna} said...

Lovely gift boxes! Budgets get me frustrated sometimes but I find that, more than anything, they make me super grateful for what I do have... little gift in the suckiness, I suppose. ;)

Kathy H said...

Fun little flying geese.

Breanna S. said...

Thanks for the information about this awesome book!

April Rhodes said...

Kara @me_and_elna - Yes it truly does just that! and that is a blessing! :)

Susie Johnson said...

I will definitely be copying these ideas!

Unknown said...

Beautiful! Excited to try some of these : )

Rae said...

gah!! Love these. The inside-out-box is one of my favorites too!! So great. And I love your little bunting!!!


angela said...

So incredibly cute! It’s a great way to add a personal touch to any gift. And a great way to do some stash busting so I can justify the purchase of more fabric:)