Sunday, March 10, 2013


so i've been trying to take a little break...

a little less work and a little more fun.

at least while the testing is underway.

the problem?

my work is fun.

i get to get giant balloons.

so giant they don't even fit in our GIANT silverado... (the kind with the full cab and double doors...)

3 to start...  photo taken by my lovely and vey giggly assistant, Aelyn. 
our shadow
We took our chances and drove very slow, 
about 3 miles, 
rush hour, 
catching lots of funny looks... 
one of the knots slipped and one escaped without us even getting to see it float off while deflating.. 
we drove past a friend who laughed.
we laughed.

1 less.

then when we arrived we all laughed some more.

Aelyn said this would be a BIG story.. I think she meant "a long story" as in the phrase.. though her miss use was in fact more accurate!

I was big fun too :)

as was the party... you can see my post on that here.

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