Saturday, April 20, 2013

Two Tomorrow

This girl..


It's hard to believe it was just two years ago, that I was waiting.. so very anxiously, for her to arrive.
Praying for regular contractions, after weeks of teasers. 5 days past due. 
She came the next night. 
So quickly. 
Into this world. 
6 days late and making up for it. Nothing else in her development has been late. 
She is this tiny force.
Charging into life.
Crawling early. Walking early. Talking early.
Not slowing down even when I ask her to... She just runs ahead. 


Our joyful little Milla.

the very first and the very last two photos in this post are by Suzanne.


Maryellen said...

She is so adorable! Time goes too fast. My little grandkids are ages 6-10 (7 of them). These photos bring back memories. Enjoy her!

Kara {me and elna} said...

So, so, sweet! Happy birthday to your baby!!!

Unknown said...

Awe... I just love your pics of your little girl! She will sure enjoy them when she gets older! A couple of those look like goods ones for the Class of Seniors slideshow at her graduation ceremony! Too funny... and precious..

~ Kim ~ said...

My little boy turns two this weekend. Oh he's a little terror but he gives me the best hugs and slobbery kisses. Your little girl is too cute for words. I hope she had a great birthday.

Jai said...

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