Friday, May 3, 2013

➤➤➤ arrows ➤➤➤

It was last Quilt Market that I approached Melody Miller about making a dress for her. I am sure I was bumbling quite a bit, because I still get nervous around those designers I am so in awe of, and her booth was fantastic, it just made me... well, bumble.. but she was gracious and sweet and she said that she would like to have one of my dresses.
I had no idea what the new line would be like. I knew I'd love it, because I always love Melody's work but I didn't know I'd love it THIS MUCH!
I also remember seeing the arrangement of arrows in Melody's booth. I loved them! (I wanted them!) Had I'd known they'd be a main feature in this new line, Ruby Star Polka Dot, I'd probably have bumbled too much to even speak.
see them there, behind the chair..?

I pretty much love arrows, any type... the sign, symbol, the object of an archer.
As kids, my sisters and I used to go searching for arrow heads while camping in Hawking Hills and other parks.

As a sewer, I really enjoy arrows in the simple form of triangles, flying geese all in a row..
I'm also quite fond of making arrows with type, such as  >> - - - - >  or   >>------}>  or even  >>---♥---]>

Now, this print has rocked my arrow loving world! It is so amazing! I want to make everything from it! Curtains, dresses, bags, quilts...

But the very first thing is Melody's dress!

There are so many things I love about this dress. It's my Staple Dress pattern again ;).. not yet shirred in these photos, because I'll be customizing that with Melody tomorrow.
She requested that the border print run along the hem and I think it is a fantastic detail!!
I know that the arrows are completely different form the the ones I once searched for, but they somehow capture the essence of that memory for me. Not to mention the fact that they are just plain AWESOME!

Note: I still feel very passionate about camping, which is one reason why I bought my husband this camper/trailer fixer-upper, which also happen's to be called an "Arrow"!  how perfect is that?!
oh.. and just one more dress photo.. with my topless photo-bomber ;)

The above photo-bomber does have a new dress too, and it also reminds me of the searching for arrow heads...

It's her Indian Summer Geranium (pattern by Made By Rae)! 

I finished it on the very last day of Kids Clothes Week and just had't gotten around to posting it yet.
Anyways,  I adore it!! 
I'd say more, but it's not necessary. The photos speak for themselves. 

And I should head off anyways, because I need to rest, at least a little, before for actual CAMP
Tomorrow I take off, bright and early, for Camp Stitchalot! YAY!!

>>- - - - - - - - - - - - - >


Vanessa Hewell said...

oh wow! that fabric is perfect for that dress. love!

Cindy said...

great dress, great post. You always do such a great job!!!

Sophia1 said...

Hi - it's Sonia from Camp. Have you seen ? there's a post about vintage campers today! so nice meeting you!

April Rhodes said...

Oh my goodness! How fun! Thank you for sharing. There is so much we want (and need) to do to ours. We are always searching for inspiration :) It was soo wonderful to meet you!! Please keep in touch!

Jennifer Thurman said...

Hi April . . . just curious - did ou make that Staple Dress with quilting cotton? I can't wait to make one for myself!

Fancy Nancy said...

What fabric did you use for the skirt of your little one's dress? I love it!

April Rhodes said...

It's the Robert Kaufman Brussels Washer yarn die in Black.... A linen an rayon blend. I LoVe to sew with it!!!!

Fancy Nancy said...

Thanks for the info April!

Marion said...

It's really beautiful !
What fabric did you use for the melody's dress ?
Where i can found it ?
Sorry for my bad english, i' m french...
Have a nice day

Amparo said...

This is cool!

Regina said...

what a little doll she is! the dress looks adorable on her especially with her little hands in the pockets...too cute!

katiaP said...

I'm wondering how much yardage you used for the dress. I am interested in making one too but am concerned that with the pattern alignment it might take more than the recommended 2 2/3 yds from the Staple dress pattern.