Monday, May 27, 2013


It has been a MAJOR month full of goodness and inspiration. My mind is already so full from May that it's trying to live in June. However, I'm doing my best, to keep my thoughts in the present and to process all the wonderful moments and exciting developments that have recently transpired.

First, there was camp... ♥ 
and then there was Portland .....and of course Quilt Market!!!
I still hope to elaborate more on of these, after I've sorted through all the thoughts and photos.

As far as sewing's concerned, I've worked on just a few things in between all the travel.  

For Market I made an extra special, rainbow, maxi, Staple Dress.

I pieced together a foxy tote bag.

And durning the flights and car rides, I've stitched a bit more on this...
my ongoing, black and white, cross stitch, wip. I'm now calling "Road Work", because I really, only work on it while in transit.

Plus I've been working on 2 new patterns... {perhaps you've seen little peaks of them on my IG...}

phew.. It's felt like a lot. It kind-of-is. For me anyhow.

Now for the to do list that has my mind wandering into June...
  • Write a newsletter for The Shoppe
  • Sew cover "garments" for new patterns
  • New patterns - cover shoot (i.e. party with my lady friends and watch Suzanne work her magic!!)
  • Build new website
  • The Staple Dress pattern - IN PRINT
  • New patterns - testing and finalizing
  • Remodel studio!! 
(not on this list is the small matter of selling our old house!!! and, of course, mothering two small children, and washing the dishes, and folding the laundry and cleaning the cat box and planting flowers and making dinner and driving to play camps and and and...) 

Maybe, if it's like you to do so, and you wouldn't mind too much, you could send me some calming/grounding thoughts or perhaps a little prayer. 

I hope I'm not in over my head this time!


Rachel Booth said...

Wow girl!! You are busy!!! :)

You'll do great - you're already doing such a great job!! Hugs from SC!

Karen LePage said...

DEEEEEP breaths. You've got this.

Haberdashery said...

I really love the way how you mixed and altered the color of the staple dress, having seen it stand out surely makes you feel your hard work pays off.

Jai said...

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