Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Camp was amazing!!! Overwhelmingly good.

I am still processing it in many ways..

I hope to be able to share more on the details of camp later... but today I am overcome by another campers words..
Katy Jones could never know how meaningful her words are to me this morning.. I am crying again.. She could have never know when typing her post that I had thought, and felt, the very same things as her.. about her. Feeling intimidated, but longing to know her.  Soooooo scared, as I walked in and SHE was right there.. sewing my little dress. I worried it wouldn't be good enough for her!

I had run into Katy a few, very brief, times at Quilt Market. I didn't want to seem stockerish this weekend by sharing my memories of these mini encounters... but they left strong impressions on me.  Katy has a magnetism. I wanted so badly to know her! I knew, after just passing her in the bathroom of a Kansas City hotel ballroom, that she was funny, talented and clever. I admired her bold style and tattoos.. her witness. She was with a small group of other bloggers/designers/makers. I was alone and shy.
I wanted to be friends.
Now Im crying again... maybe this is TMI. but whatever.. this is me. I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I except that about myself.
Now, reading Katy's post about ME, I feel absolutely ________. I don't know the right word. The fact that someone else, someone I was intimidated by, felt the very same feelings about me has kind of shattered my world in the best possible way!

Katy ♥
I love you Katy! I really do. You are beautiful and funny and dear. You made me feel "a part of". Now... being a hugely dorky, Anne of Green Gables fan.. all I can think to say, is that I feel we are "bosom friends."
I couldn't be more grateful to know you!
Thank you for your kindness.


Here we are with Melody Miller! Another idol in my eyes... We are all ll in our Staple Dresses :)
I will have to write more about Melody. And Rae and Jen and Amanda,  Brenda, Rashida, Jan, the Toronto ladies, Sonia, Libs, Caitlin, Anna, Shari, Ellen, Maureen, the mom that also made me cry, and all the other ladies..  (that I can't remember names while typing right now.. forgive me, I still love you! ) I loved EVERYONE at camp!

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Prof. S (the enchanted bobbin) said...

What a super sweet, totally heartfelt post, April!! I'm still coasting on post-camp energy (even if I temporarily lost some camp spirit on the final morning, thinking too much about the drive and all the work waiting for me back home). It was fabulous to meet you, to be table neighbours...and guess what? Melinda and I bought several-staple-dresses worth of jersey on the way back to Toronto!!! Can hardly wait to stitch 'em up. xxx Jennifer

Kara {me and elna} said...

Love you to bits!!! So glad you had a great weekend. xoxo

Sophia1 said...

I was thinking about you today - I want to change my username on instagram - I had to try like 10 times to find one that wasn't being used and lost patience. So I thought something with "sunshine" in it because that's my family nickname, but then I thought, no - that 's for someone like April and Anna and Rae and ... well, everyone at camp was wonderful, though, weren't they???

I was going to contact you anyway to ask what the backing was on the quilt you were making for your MIL - I'm trying to find a family of fabrics to make a quilt for my niece for college and I think she would love something like that one you were using.

Keep smiling - you are awesome!

April Rhodes said...

Awe Sonia!! I love sunshine for you! You are totally sunshiny. But I also still really love soniabegoniasonia because well... I love begonias.. They are one of my favorite flowers and I always put at least 3 different types in my big long flower box. They make me happy! So do you!
The fabric is Fulham Road Sedgewick. And if you'd like I can see if we still have it at Sew To Speak. Let me know ;)

Unknown said...

I love you so bloody much. SO MUCH!!!

Elizabeth Elliott said...

Camp was the most positive experience I've had in... forever! You and Katy both sum it up so well in your posts - for once, I felt like I just fit in and wasn't judged in any way for who I am. It was really so wonderful to meet you and everyone else!

Alma said...

This is cool!